‘My Band’ (part deux)

And the story continues! 

Hi again!  First of all; if you have read my previous story: Thanks!! And thank you for being here again!Anyway, let me continue where the previous story ended. I am not going to bore you guys with a 35 page story about what happened between now and then. I am not going to tell you that we had 6 different guitar players because, either they quit themselves or we told them to leave the band because they just weren’t good enough for us.  ‘Not good enough for what we wanted’?  This might sound arrogant. But you know, we had this thing in mind with this band…

We started out as a regular rock cover band. Playing songs from Foo Fighters, Muse, 3 Doors Down, QOTSA, etc.  But after playing together for a few months we started to realize we could push this thing a lot further.  We are definitely not going to be just another cover band.  I mean, who needs another cover band?  How the hell were we going to distinguish ourselves from all the cover bands?

Nah, we were going for a different approach. We all pretty much worship the Red Hot Chili Peppers and since there aren’t a lot of RCHP tribute bands… You get the idea we were going for?

We didn’t do any show yet with the ‘old’ concept and this new thing we came up with would mean we were still not going to be on any stage for a while. We’d have to start all over again. RHCP isn’t exactly the easiest music to play. So If we were really going to do this, being a RHCP tribute band, well, it would simply mean we need to get to work.

We never underestimated the Peppers’ music, we knew from the beginning what we’d started, but still, being a Peppers tribute band was easier said than done. Did we set the bar too high already? In my opinion: NO!  If we’re going to do this, we were going to do this a 100 percent right.  Playing ‘funk-rock’  is a whole different thing from ; alternative-rock’. Funk is played with an entire different groove, let alone the timing …

Being almost 10 months further, I can say all the blood sweat and tears are starting to pay off. We are still working on a bigger repertoire and we still need to build an entire ‘show’ around it. For any of you who has been on stage: You know it’s not just playing your songs that counts.

I suppose some want to ask me now : ‘Do you guys have any experience on stage?’ Yes, we have; Our bass player is also in another band since 2006.  Our drummer used to be in that very same band a few years back and our guitar player has been playing  in a few bands. And what about me? Well, the bass players’ other band, their singer, happens to have some serious issues with his voice. He won’t be able to sing for a few months straight. They asked me to fill in for him and so I have been on tour with them since October and I will be sharing the stage with them until their own singer has recovered enough to sing again.

Off course, it’s a wonderful experience. I feel sorry for their own singer, but I am glad I am able to help. I gained a lot of experience on stage and it already took me to cool places and venues. I guess this really got me prepared for being on stage with my own band.  In fact, that is almost about to happen. Our first ‘show’ will be on February 11th, it will be just a try-out and there will only be about a hundred people, but hey! It’s a start! This will be unofficially the kick-off of our ‘project’. And I can tell you I am thrilled! Siked! Can’t wait!  This is going to be so awesome!  Let’s just  hope our crowd will be baffled.

… there are only a few things for me left so say. Thank you for coming back to Cassette Culture and thank you for reading my story.  Off course I will keep you posted about February 11th and I will keep you posted about any other news regarding my band.

Stay tuned and see you soon!

Yours truly,


(Photo courtesy of  Warner Bros.)

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