REVIEW: Pantah 2013 demo

coverartPantah is a young hardcore/punk-band from Leeuwarden that started out in 2012. They released a 5-track demo in 2013 on a limited tape issue through DIY-label War Inside Records. Beside that, they offer it for free download on their bandcamp. Drawing influences from Warzone, Cro-Mags, Youth of Today and Judge, you can expect a sound that’s recognizable for the genre.

The intro contains a sample of what sounds like birds in a sub-tropical forest, followed by a sort of growl of what’s most-likely supposed to be a panther. Then an instrumental track kicks in with some nice energetic riffs, supported by matching drums. The production is good enough for a 2013 demo, so we’re ready to go.

The second track shows what the band does: play mid/up-tempo punk with a hardcore-twist. The song is typically oldskool, from the start with the bass-line to the marching kind of drumroll and the vocals which bring that hardcore-vibe to it. It has the right dynamics, bridges and every ingredient to make it sound decent.

The third track shows that the band is all about fun, playing shows and bring that PMA. The overall sound is quite friendly and I wouldn’t really call this a hardcore-band these days when it comes to that pissed off-mentality. Even though the vocals sound more agressive and the riffs are always energetic, there is an overall positive vibe that never make it feel like the guys are going to be hard on your ass.

The fourth track is a continuation in sound, only just a bit more pissed off. It clocks in at 1:09 to make it the shortest track recorded. At this point, you might conclude the kind of music played is done very often, so you’ll probably have to be really into the genre to still enjoy it.

The closing track opens with energetic riffs, carrying the most hardcore-feel of the demo EP. Some back-up vocals complete the song, which surely adds to the sound and supports the idea that Pantah is a band you must see live on stage. But in the end, the demo doesn’t really convince or stand out from other bands in this genre.

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Final verdict: 6.2 out of 10