The Black Dahlia Murder in Munich – Live Review

This week, Munich metal fans had the opportunity to break their weekly routine. They did not have to wait for the weekend to quench their thirst for live music as, on Wednesday July 15th, Combustion and The Black Dahlia Murder took over the stage in Kranhalle and set the public on fire.

16914_1054277241258067_4499024537206472973_nThe show started with Combustion, a band from the Munich scene. Their aggressive and groovy death metal established the frame for the night to come and they proved to be an excellent choice as opener for The Black Dahlia Murder. The first notes of their first song had not yet ceased reverberating and the venue was already full. The five headbangers played a thirty-minute set, in which the audience heard material from their first album, such as the brutal piece Meat Cleaver Abortion, and their last single Betrayer with its easily recognizable and catchy intro. They took the time to add a new song that will be found on their next album which will be released this upcoming fall. At one point, one of the guitarists’ guitar strap decided to go live its life by itself, but it did not affect their energy level. The performance was too short, like all good shows are. Combustion created the sparkles that soon transformed into a devastating fire that ignited The Black Dahlia Murder.

Sweating from the high temperature and the headbanging warm up from Combustion, the fans warmly welcomed The Black Dahlia Murder. In hell is where she waits for me, a song from their last album Everblack (2013) served as opener. After a few pieces from Everblack and Ritual (2011), the band played Vlad, Son of Dragon, the new single off their upcoming album Abysmal, which will hit the shelves in September. Then, the band gradually went back in time and offered various songs from their entire discography. If the pit had already been boiling since the beginning of the show, it gained in intensity with Elder Misanthropy from Unhallowed (2003), first album from the Detroit band. Crowd surfing, a circle pit, and constant headbanging were the response to a well-chosen setlist and a performance exceeding expectations.

the-black-dahlia-murderThe Black Dahlia Murder’s reputation preceded them. The band is known for their high quality live performance, both on a musical and entertainment aspect. The charismatic frontman Trevor Strnad made sure to interact with the public, sometimes by calling the public names, and sometimes by joining his two index and thumbs together in a heart shape. Both ways, he clearly showed that he cares for the people in front of him. Some lucky fans even had the opportunity to sing some lyrics in the microphone. The type of venue helped such interactions between the band and the audience. The low and accessible stage and the small size of the room made it more intimate and boosted the connection on both sides.

The Black Dahlia Murder is now at the end of their European summer tour. The band will hit the road again in October in order to promote Abysmal. The first dates have already been confirmed in North America, and more will come. Keep your eyes open!