Photo Gallery: Maas & Meesters (2015-06-26)

The stars are Maas & Meesters, the place is Landgraaf in the great venue Oefenbunker, and it was made possible through the cooperation of Parkstad Popstad and The Rock Online.

What a amazing night. To hear these 2 very talented guitar players play live. Marc Meesters knows how to handle his guitar and lends his skills to several bands: Faith Healer,Scarestone,Gunz n Rozes, and Subtle Club. Bas Maas is also a fantastic guy and fine guitar player who plays with the legendary Doro, some of whose songs he played at this gig. During the breaks, Dj Theo and Dj Danny Ummels took over and then came the acoustic Rock songs by Marc Meesters and Bas Maas. Well done boys, we all had a good time