Photo Set: Sound Dog (2015-07-27)

3 talented bands : Alwaid, Mental Circus, and Psychogeneration crossed the border and set Foot in Breda to rock a place called Sound Dog.

It was a strange time for a concert as it took place on a Monday and started at 17:30. First to take to the stage was Psychogeneration, a Symphonic metal band from Belgium with: Psycho J on Vocals, Psycho F on Lead Guitar, Psycho S on rhythm Guitar, Psycho R on Bass, Psycho B on Drums, and Psycho J2 on Keys, and they ripped up the stage while the earlybirds streamed in. The second band of the evening was Mental Circus, also from Belgium with: Sanne Marico on Lead Vocals & Piano, Dirk Vollon on Bass,Yorgo Tsiafakis on Guitar, and Phil Weinhold behind the Drums. Easily recognizable is the influence by Evanescence, Within Temptation, and even a bit of the master, Beethoven. Sanne, a talented singer and showgirl, was striking in her stage outfit. Finally, Alwaid from France took the stage. Marceau was kicking it behind the Drums, with Marie on Vocals, Max on Guitar, Giovanni Guitars Laurent pressing the keys, and lastly, Simon on Bass. A female fronted melodic metal band that was formed in 2013, they hit high notes and deep growls while remaining symphonic amongst their aggressive heavy metal guitars. This style differs from other bands in the genre, but it was a good mix to end the night .