Photos – Rock Am Stuck Festival (2015-7-18)

May i introduce you to one of the finest Festivals that i know in Germany: The Rock Am Stuck in Fritzlar-Geismar Germany.
It is a short drive into Germany and near Kassel, but you’re going to love it. Last year I had the opportunity to get to know it because the legendary Metal queen Doro played there. This time they had a killer band… the mighty Saxon was the Headliner. During their set a few thousand people were going crazy to songs like: Strangers in the Dark, Princess in the Night, and many more great songs delivered with lots of energy. Double Crush Syndrome with Andy Brings (ex The Traceelords, Powergod and Sodom) is a very talented artist and a band that blew away the audience. Other acts such as Mind Driller, Mike Gerhold and Lisanne Koll – 2 talented singers who performed during the break, Rockmachine, and Hard Riot filled out the day and delivered powerful performances. But it all started with Elbe Beats, Fallin “Out and Pandemic who were so amazing I have marked my calendar for any date they will play. A Special thanks to the organizers, bands, and the fans.