Fall Out Boy at Heineken Music Hall

One and a half years since Fall Out Boy was standing on stage in the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam once again they grace the same venue, with an expanded fanbase, and an all-new setlist. Welcome to the American Beauty/American Psycho tour.

The supporting act is Charley Marley, a band signed to Pete Wentz’s label. The music itself doesn’t totally fit with the music from Fall Out Boy but they make it work. People are moving and are cooperative when competing with the crowd but singing along to the songs is hard for most of them.. but, the vibe is there and carries to the stage.


Fall Out Boy

After a short film, Fall Out Boy hit the stage. They opened with their hit ‘Sugar, we’re going down’. The crowd was on their feet immediately, everyone was singing their hearts out. Soon you noticed that only a few people knew the old Fall Out Boy songs and the new songs were much more popular. In the middle of the set, Fall Out Boy switched stages, going to a small stage in the middle of the audience. They played Immortals, from the movie Big Hero 6, and Young Volcanos. Both songs were played acoustically. When they went back running to the main stage drummer Andy Hurley did an amazing drum solo and then, not long after they played the song the tour was named for, American Beauty/American Psycho. They brought out a few balloons so the crowd could hit them and play with them. After a full set of 21 songs, they left the stage, but of course, no concert ends that way these days, they returned to the stage to play two more songs. Their last song wasn’t what anyone was expecting as it was not one of their upbeat songs, it was their song Saturday.

Fall Out Boy played a mixed set of tunes from both their old and new albums. Most of the fans most likely came for the two new albums but a fair share of fans also knew all the old songs. All in all, there was a song for everyone in the audience.

Eventually the lights on stage dimmed and the lights in the venue came on. Everyone left to go home but no one left with a sad face. Every single person left with
a smile on their face. Fall Out Boy did not disappoint.