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Cassette Culture is a small company. We believe that passion will rule the world. We believe sharing passion is the key to what makes people enjoy life and what makes life worth living. Our aim is to keep it personal and to keep it real. Remember, this is about sharing your passion. This blog does not make money, so neither will you. If we, in the future will make money, we will invest it in this blog 100% to share your passion with more people around the globe. We offer a platform to show the things you love!

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Most Wanted:

Coordinator graphics & photo: You have a sharp eye, you know when photos and graphics are good. You know how to use photos for articles on websites and you want to be in charge of Photo Friday. You do not need to be a photographer yourself, but you do need photo editing skills and understanding of WordPress and Facebook.

Video wizard: You love music, you love tattoos, you love games, you love books, but what you love most, is to make mini-documentaries and items about bands, (and/or) tattoos, (and/or) games and (or) books. Maybe you even want to be responsible for the coordination of Cassette Culture TV?

Website Guru: You want to be a part of Cassette Culture, but you don’t want to be out there too much. Well, if you know your wordpress or your twitter, you can help us out with enhancing our backbone.

Editors: You like to write. Reviews, interviews, blogs, reports, anything. And you want to share your passion with the world. Well, why hesitate any longer? Join us!

Photographer: Wherever you go, you take your camera and you make amazing shots. You don’t need words, you explain everything with the photos you make. You love to go out there and capture skaters, musicians, horror walks, whatever, as long as you have your camera with you, you’ll be happy. Share your photos with the world via our website and Facebook on Photo Friday!

Sports Fanatic: When someone says sports, you don’t think about soccer or football. You think about underwater hockey, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Lacrosse, big wave surfing, et cetera. You want the world to know there is more to sports than what they see on TV and you are ready to write about it!

Tattoo addict: You know all about the Maori, you have a magical tattoo on your shoulder, you can’t survive without going to a tattoo convention at least every 2 or 3 months. You want to share the stories of the tattoos, the meanings of tattoos and you want to introduce the great artists that make them to the readers of Cassette Culture.

Guest Contributor
Do you have a passion that you would like to share with us, a remarkable story that you want the whole world to know about, but you don’t want to obligate yourself to write a regular blog? If we like your story, we will offer you the opportunity to publish your blog as a guest.

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