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Cassette Culture is a group of passionate souls who share their love and interests. While we think it is important to keep it personal, here you can find a little bit more information about the crew. If you have any questions or want to know more about one of our members, feel free to contact us!

Astrid 100 Astrid
Astrid is always busy. Friends, family, reading, and writing. Being a player and president of Dom City Dolls, a great amount of time goes to her favorite hobby; Roller Derby. But she also loves to take time to relax in the sun with a nice book.
eL Tinio eL Tinio
eL Tinio is a guest blogger for Cassette Culture. He is the vocalist for Speakerpunch. Music is Life!
Connor-100 Connor
Connor is studying Music Management at the HKU, and has set up his own label, New Chapter Records within his first year of starting at the HKU. He plays drums and writes music in several bands, including his garagerock band The BottleCaps. A cheerful lad in real life, on stage he turns into what some people have described as ‘possessed’, ‘full of energy’ and ‘completely nuts’. His other passions include traveling, listening to and writing about music, watching (old) movies and anything that has a cultural significance.
 Franky-100 Franky
Video games are Franky his passion, his way of life. He has been playing them as long as he can remember. When he starts a new game he always looks for that one moment that just blows him away. Not all games have these moments, but the ones that do, will stay with you forever. Franky has experienced many great moments like these allready and he is looking forward to sharing them with you.
 Frieda-100 Frieda
You know those people who are always on the road, always out there? Frieda is definitely one of those. Working at bars, shooting photos for several e-zines and magazines, sharing a drink with friends whenever she can and riding her skateboard wherever she goes. She designs her life to fit her craving for adventure and she will never let an opportunity go by to share a laugh or enjoy the sight of a well groomed beard.
 Gabor Gabor
Gabor started a fanzine called Strutter’zine way back in 1994. The magazine mainly focuses on the AOR/Melodic Hardrock/Progressive Metal genres. As editor, Gabor feels people will always need those websites to learn about that certain new great unsigned act that he loves to promote so much. That’s why he joined Cassette Culture; in order to expand and reach more readers, all focused on uncovering the undiscovered gems in the melodic genres. Besides countless reviews of mainly independent releases, in the next few years more and more interviews conducted by Gabor will be featured, but also gig reports.Besides everything that is music related, Gabor also loves the outdoors, the summer sun, riding his race bike, walking through the old ancient European cities, sitting in a train, watching movies, going to the Gym, swimming, tennis, table tennis, South Park, and his greatest love of all, his girlfriend Marieke, and anything else that makes life on earth such a great adventure…
CC Haico Haico
Haico is a total sound junkie. His life evolves mostly about sound. He works as Development engineer in the Research & Development field for a hearing aid company. He’s an amateur bass player (12 years experience in death metal, musical plays and almost everything in between). Last, but not least, he’s known for running a recording studio from home: the official Cassette Culture Studio in The Netherlands! This is why he posts under the name CCStudio.
JPJ is a Photographer.
 1384192597245 Jaimy
Jaimy has been in love with music ever since she was a little kid. Right now she’s studying Music Industry Professional in Utrecht, she wants to mean something to the music business. She loves going to concerts and she travels abroad to see her favorite bands. Her music-preferences are pop-punk and metal-core.
profile Jeremy
Jeremy has too many hobbies, evidenced by his efforts as a personal trainer, an olympic weightlifter, a musician and overall geek. The latter caused by his affection for RPG’s and anime, starting all the way back in elementary. He will review videogames, related events and soundtracks for Cassette Culture..
 paars-100 Johanneke
Johanneke is a vintage clothing obsessed Rockabella with a chronic case of “bitchy resting face-syndrome” more commonly referred to as “the girl with all the tattoos” based in the far outskirts of the Frisian countryside. With her roots in hardcore-punk and her heart in Rockabilly, she has an open mind to all kinds of Rock ‘n’ Roll music. She always has a thousand and one things going on at the same time; aspiring te become a vintage hairstylist, burlesque dancer, seemstress, booker, upright bass player and secondary school teacher. She is also a great cook, we might add.
jrjoey is an art photographer who wants to share his images with you.
8780_10152296783865263_339198543_n J.Sin
J.Sin is the vocalist for the Indonesian punk band Citizen Useless. He is the author of 4 independently published books, a stage photographer for some of the greatest punk and metal bands in Indonesia, a film maker, designer, editor, English teacher, and world traveler. An insomniac by trade, he spends most of his night looking for ways to piss off his friends, neighbours, and political factions of various countries. J.Sin currently lives in denial… and Jakarta, Indonesia… but mostly in denial.
Judith de Kok Judith
Judith is a language enthusiast, avid photographer and traveler. Born and raised in the Netherlands, though, currently, residing in Berlin, Germany. She’s working in the start-up tech field, but her first passion has always been creativity through language, sound, film and photography.
Madicon-100 Madicon
Madicon aka John is the proud dad of Connor. John likes to listen to Industrial with Combichrist as an absolute favorite, Heavy Metal as well as old school Bowie, Johnny Cash and 80’s music. John is into photography as a hobby. Connor’s band The BottleCaps is a regular at his website. And John loves cycling.
photo-100 Martholio
Marta, better known here and on Twitter as Martholio, is a wacky and spontaneous metalhead with interests ranging from travel to animals to video games, and so much more. Whether it’s shooting commercials or jumping on tour as merch gal at a moment’s notice you’ll never know what this adventure-addict will get up to next. Check out her interviews and reviews on the blog!
1080316_470326706397246_220647246_n Monique
Monique loves photography and traveling. She tries her best to translate the effort and emotions of the artists, and her personal experience of all of this, to her photos. Monique loves many different styles of music, from rock and hardrock to things like the Don Cossacks of Russia. Actually, Monique will be the one running the fan club of the Don Chossacks! And of course she will go to a lot of shows to shoot series for Photo Fridays.
1175283_702249763124920_982597713_n Paintman
Paintman loves face and body art. He shares his adventures, dreams and hopes on this website and tells you a bit about body paint techniques along the way. The best way to get to know Paintman, is to read his blogs. Of course, if you have more in depth questions about body and face painting, and body art, feel free to contact him. He will answer your question in his next blog!
601772_4853315230524_57808176_n-small Pöbel Queen
Pöbel Queen loves art in any way and spends lot of time sharing her passion with the rest of the world. She works as a PR Editor & Artists Manager in Germany, runs her own label and writes for CC from time to time. Unfortunately the day only has 24h and passion doesn’t pay bills, but she holds on her dreams and works hard to make them come true!
image(1) Police Joe
PoliceJoe is a guy who’s into most things DIY. He listens to all kinds of music, books bands at Eureka in Zwolle and hopes to promote bands a bit extra by writing reviews here at Cassette Culture. He tries to be a conscious eater, is a supporter of Fair Trade and loves the people at STOP THE TRAFFIK. For info on that, please visit and see how you can support their case. Thank you!
992289_10151812708490763_1383785290_n Rachel
Rachel looks for new adventure always and everywhere. If she is looking for a new hobby, it better be one that is different. She is a creative mind that won’t ever deliver a job that is not done 200%. It doesn’t matter what she does, her life is never dull and boring. She will share her adventures with you on fire dancing, games and comics, and who knows what else…
photo.php ReneeFr
ReneeFR is a musician and a writer that works with great precision. She spends her days creating and rehearsing. She played percussion in Slagerij Van Kampen and plays several instruments in Betty Blue and in Betty’s Backyard ACC. Besides that, she teaches others to become better and more delicate at hitting things. Renee will never write anything she doesn’t mean or that isn’t true. Besides her own activities, Renee supports other artists, by sharing their art, by loving their art and by sharing opportunities.

1079747_10151631265444141_1452616887_n Riki
is one of those people who commits to his passion like his life depends on it. He is not only doing kick-ass items for Cassette Culture TV, he is also writing reviews on albums and awesome articles on sports, movies and whatever finds its way to his mind. Riki has started up his own media company and is a singer and bass player. If that is not enough, he knows how to handle his camera for photography too!
Ruth - Photo by Toon de Vos Ruth
Ruth is the founder of Cassette Culture. She has so many interests that it is hard to keep track of, but music has always been an important part of her life. She has a curiosity for people in general and always wants to know more about what people do, why they do it and how they got where they stand today. Ruth is a singer and bass player and a sports addict. Sometimes the CC Crew worries that she will turn into one of those weird cat ladies, if she isn’t one already.. Also check out (the rest of) her personal blog (we warned you about the cat!).
1241372_10151953533279974_133163022_n Samanta Six
Samanta Six is a human centipede. Working as a model, make-up artist, nail stylist, clothing designer, firespitter and we can go on… Next to that she also does several studies. She is working hard to set up her own big open air festival. With love and passion for metal, she can always be found at a concert no matter where so she can provide Cassette Culture with more reviews and interviews and write a blog from time to time about her crazy life.
 Susana Susana
Susana is a self-taught concert photographer and music lover shooting mainly in smaller and alternative venues in the Amsterdam area. Other interests include screen-printing, fanzine making, botanics and nature in general, veganism, genealogy and antique photography.
 Valerie Valérie
If rock was her first love, metal is definitely the love of her life. Valérie is an extreme music lover. If she is not found headbanging at a concert, she has probably taken her backpack and is traveling the world, driven by thirst for adventures. Her music related articles will bring you into her metal world. If you are looking for intensity and goosebumps, you have found the right person.
Picture1-100 Venom
Goes by the name of Guy (yes, “that guy…”). Software engineer by day, and thrasher by, well… pretty much all the time! His life revolves around beer – preferably wheat, metal – mostly thrash and melodeath, computers and football – especially Maccabi Tel-Aviv, Juventus and Hamburger SV. Guy also takes special pride in his collection that currently consists of “only” 7 guitars and 4 amplifiers. Try to keep up…
254565_214186348604769_3071853_n Willem
Willem, he is not into the words, he is into the images. Amusementpark designer for a living. Photographer by passion. Single father of two sons. Refuses to grow up.
Wouter van Noort Wouter
For Wouter life is all about music and photography, 2 passions he combines with almost every photo that he creates.
Guest Guest
As Cassette Culture always wants to share passion, we also have some guest authors writing a blog now and then. Basically anyone with an interesting story is invited to share it with us. Contact us for more information if you are interested. Want to become a crew member? Let us know! Fill in the application form right here.
 Former crew members Artyllery

Dr. Augustus

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