100 stories: Tattoos – John Gordon

Hi, I’m John, born and bred in the West of Scotland and hail from the small town of Uddingston – just outside Glasgow. By day I work as a Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Manager for an electronics firm…

100 stories: Tattoos – Johan Lindh

Johan Lindh - 300

I am Johan Lindh, was born and raised in Sweden but have been living abroad, off and on since ’98. I currently live in Japan. I love playing bass, racing r/c cars, fishing and riding motorcycles, among many other things.

100 stories: Story behind the tattoo

My name is Erik Luppens, I was born in 1963 in Hoorn, the Netherlands, and I have been living in Westerland for almost 20 years. I have had a good childhood with great parents. I attended technical school.  After a…

100 stories: In loving memory of


My name is Erik, I am a 24 years old guy from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. I currently work in logistics, but I am planning a switch to financial administration. Since the summer of 2009 my girlfriend and I live together.…

100 Stories: Once upon a time

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