Body art

Teaming up for Black Blood

The paintman is back. There were some sight-issues which kept me from driving or basically doing most of the things humans do. Surgery was the solution and after surgery there was an event happening on the 9th of March. Last year I was approached by our well-known Ruth. She asked me if I would be interested to participate in making some characters of a horror novel come to live. The novel is called Zwart bloed (Black blood). The author of this novel, Shirley-Ann Benda, was very happy when she heard that I wanted to participate and we started making plans. Yes. We needed a photographer. Yes. We needed to have some models too. This sounds easy, well at least partially. The photographer was found with help of Ruth and some of the characters in the book were based on real people, like …

Scumbash: Rock ‘n Roll evolves in Rotterdam

Stealers DSC_0446

On the 22th of February the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam changed into a world of pure rock’n roll. Bands like U.K. Subs, Karma to Burn, Peter Pan Speedrock and Discharge rocked the stage. Scumbash, based on the festival Speedfest and organized by Schorem Haarsnijder en Barbier, was, with 3500 visitors, sold out.

The festival started at 1O’clock, but It felt like it was nine thirty in the evening from the moment you walked in. One of the opening bands of the festival got in by votes of fans and visitors of the festival. They had been promoting the poll for weeks and finally managed to win enough votes to be on the Cortonville stage this morning. Liptease and the Backstreet Crackbangers could have…

My Secret Identity

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Most of us struggle, in our own way, with appearance; some people follow fashion trends, some use appearance to identify with a specific subculture, some just mix everything into their own brand. Everyone is also subject to societal pressures and…

MUSEUM: Biomechanical investigations.


I guess not everyone has heard of the name of H.R. Giger. Although this depends very much on which community you are in. But if I mention Alien, Aliens, Alien resurrection or Species, some more recognition might come. H.R. Giger…

Julia Rockets: Perfect imperfections

Photo by Eskalationsfotografie

That’s how a TAG video on YouTube once was called and that’s where it all began. My journey through the world wide web as well as making people aware of trichotillomania.

My name is Julia Rockets, I am German and 24 years old. At the moment I am a media designer with purple/violet hair and my family tattooed on my skin. For a few months now I’m lucky to meet new people, see nice places and get photographed. I would not call myself a model though, that sounds too big. I’d rather say I like to model.

BODYPAINT: Finger extensions


What would be the best way to apply make-up? Let’s consider that in historical perspective, by traveling back in time to the era of the prehistoric humans. Yes. Indeed. I do think that even that far back in time people…

Meaningful means

As I spent a short week off from work last week, I had time to create a better place to work on my designs in the garage. Outside it was very cold, but the roof insulation in combination with the…

100 stories: In loving memory of


My name is Erik, I am a 24 years old guy from Zoetermeer, The Netherlands. I currently work in logistics, but I am planning a switch to financial administration. Since the summer of 2009 my girlfriend and I live together.…

100 Stories: Once upon a time

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