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Tarja Turunen at De Melkweg


The queen of metal has returned to the Netherlands for her Colors in the Dark tour. As most of you know Tarja has been the original front woman of the legendary band Nightwish. After a horrible breakup in 2005, Tarja broke out in 2007 with an incredible solo album called My Winter Storm. This year the singer is back with a new album called Colors in the Dark and a European tour!

Elyose was the band to start off the night. This French band set the mood for the night with their classic vocals and sneering guitars. Of course during these kind of concerts, symphonic metal, there are no circle/mosh pits to be seen. The biggest part of the audience is female and dressed the classic goth way. This night was…

REVIEW: AutoViolet – AutoViolet


AutoViolet is a 3-piece Canadian band from Vancouver, British Columbia that blends elements of alternative, electropop, and a smattering of nu-goth to deliver an array of eclectic songs on their debut album. Released on Neutrino Records / Sonic Rendezvous, AutoViolet…